Master Mind (Mitsubishi Lancer CS3)

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This is not the first time we’ve featured a decked out Mitsubishi Lancer CS3. And justifying its increasing presence in REV is simple – drivers of the CS3 belong to a group of thoroughbred petrolheads who spend a wealth of time (and money!) on their mode of transport. And every single time we come across a highly modified CS3, we are being exposed to a new spectrum of ideals expressed by the owners. This bond, we reckon, is what makes an individual car’s appeal function way beyond the type of parts fettled on the car. Because behind the project of each car conceals a passionate driver ever so willing to unveil his story to fellow car enthusiasts.


Fazli, the owner of this Lancer CS3, might be closely associated with the local CS3 enthusiast community, but his methodology when it comes to modifications are derived based on his personal preference. This makes his car that much more desirable, because every component has a story to be told. His car was purchased three years ago, and yes, more than 50 components have been fitted to the car, transforming a mainstream family hauler to a track-ready, fire spitting tarmac scorcher.


It’s all the more interesting to note that the CS3 was his first car. So any preconceived notion that he learnt his traits from previous cars were swept out of the equation. It is a stunning achievement in itself, being able to blend in these mods in a cohesive manner, unlike some owners who dived in headfirst with any available mod, attaining a less-than-perfect output as a result.


It is the fundamental idea that we are keen to explore with Fazli, to discern if we are able to get within the reasons for his project. As we’ve come to realise, he had considered the Mitsubishi Lancer EX when hunting for a car, but decided on the CS3 instead due to its lightweight chassis and bevy of aftermarket parts to modify.


Fazli set his sights on the overall picture of his project, even before laying his hands on the CS3. Upon hearing many of them on local tarmac, he found out that the authentic sound from a Drift Racing exhaust would unleash the full character of the car. And with no lack of bodykit options for the CS3, he knows that he will be embarking on a project that could be called his very own.

Two years was all it took for Fazli to achieve this outlook and performance output. And in his opinion, he wants to enjoy every experience with his CS3 before the COE expires, because the wide breadth of ability of the car is something that he will never, ever take for granted.


And with so much thought put into his car, he adds that the differentiating factor lies in the way he’s able to blend in aesthetic appeal with aerodynamic functionality. “In my opinion, my car looks different from others because of the aggressive look of the Voltex GT wing standing tall at the rear boot for that added downforce. Top it off with the aggressive look of the Voltex bonnet and the sound of the Drift Racing exhaust roaring through the streets. This is done while still maintaining the stock bodykit!”

The frequent traveller up North knows how to enjoy the perfect getaway, bringing his car to Malacca, Port Dickson and Kuala Lumpur. Rather than taking a flight to Malaysia, he reckons that the added benefit from driving the CS3 comes from learning more about the car’s capabilities in a different environment – a factor we feel is key to achieve the best possible driving satisfaction.


All didn’t go as planned during the mod journey, according to Fazli. He shared that one technical issue led to another, and he took a long time to get to the source of the problem. Although some were merely wear and tear issues, those that require a complete refresh set him back for a couple of weeks!

Fazli is firm that his next car would be a Honda Civic Type R, as he wants to be educated more about the B and K series engines, and to feel the VTEC sugar rush that has been an addictive injection of pure adrenaline over the past few decades for Honda diehards. What would he choose given a larger budget, then? “My dream would be to drive a continental car one day, and the Audi RS 5 will be on top of my list. I’m in love with the aesthetics of the car and I also enjoy the luxurious feel of its interior.”

Mitsubishi Lancer CS3
Aerospeed spark plug cable, relocated battery, customised high cam, Aerospeed cam pulley, D1 Spec oil catch tank, NRG engine damper, Evo 3 engine mountings, long ram HKS intake with custom piping, S90 throttle body, bored intake manifold, Forged Racing aluminum radiator with Aluminium Radiator Stay, Customised Blue Engine Head, AVS Vacuum and Head Piping, D1 Spec Radiator meter, INGS fuel regulator, Drift Racing full system exhaust, Super Single Racing clutch, 255 Walbro Fuel Pump, Greddy E-Manage Ultimate ECU

15” Volk Racing TE37, Yokohama Advan AD08R 205/50R15, Evo 3 Brake Kit, 276mm Brembo Slotted Rotors, High Temp Brake Pads, Magnum Stainless Steel Brake Lines, BCBR Racing Adjustable Coilovers, Ultra Racing 4-Point Front Undercarriage bar, Engine strut bar, Summit Rear boot bar, Ultra Racing Boot Upper bar, 2-Point Front Strut Bar, Summit 22mm Anti-Roll Bar with Hardrace bushings, Custom ASR and Beaks Rear Bar, Front Camber Bolts

CS5 front grille, Polyurethane front V-lip, polyurethane universal side skirts, customised rear lip, customised front bumper holes, HKS Kansai Long 8-holes rear bumper diffuser, Vortex Generator, Evo 9 carbonfibre fender vents, Voltex carbonfibre bonnet with customised hood pins, 1600mm Type 5 high mount Carbon Fibre Voltex GT Wing, Depo Carbonfibre Tail Lamps, Motorised Granador Mirrors

Bride full bucket seats, Miki railings, 4-point Takata harness, 350mm Gold Chrome deep dish NRG steering wheel, carbonfibre NRG Quick Release, NRG Short Hub Bosskit, carbonfibre 5 speed gear knob, Jasma short shifter with custom bushings, Mitsubishi Evo 9 dashboard meter, Vacuum, Oil and Temperature gauges, Apexi RSM D1 Imamura Edition with G-sensor, Customised engine push start button, URES engine auto start, Sparco driver side window net


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