World’s First: The Intelligent Hydrogen Dry Cleaning System

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This system works by using hydrogen to convert carbon deposits back to fuel and cleans the engine without any harmful byproduct. At the same time, the system uses emission gas analysis to prescribe a custom treatment for different vehicles.

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The results of every cleaning session is uploaded to the a cloud-based database for reference. The system dry-cleans the car engine with pure hydrogen gas stored in the Solid-state Metal Hydride Canister, which provides a safe, high-capacity storage.

“Hydrogen is one of the most promising green energy in the future. While the hydrogen fuel cell car has not reached commercialization stage, we developed this technology for existing gasoline and diesel engines to remove carbon deposit in the green, organic and smart way,” said Barry Lin, Chairman of Neutrinos Engineering Pte Ltd.

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“We don’t believe in one-size-fit-all treatment because no two cars are alike due to varied technologies used, car age, maintenance and most importantly, the driver’s habit. Our patented Intelligent Emission Gas Analytics (iEGA) technology diagnoses the car health by analyzing the compound of car exhaust gas before we prescribe Neuto Dry Hydrogen Auto-Therapy,” said Andy Low, the inventor of the Neuto Smart Hydrogen Dry Cleaning System.

“Throughout Neuto Therapy process, the system will continue to monitor car response in the closed-loop system and self-calibrate the hydrogen flow-rate accordingly.”

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The system claims to deliver significant improvement in horsepower, improve fuel efficiency by 10-25 percent, reduces problems of rough cold-starts, unpleasant noises, as well as vibrations during idling. It also claims help engine run smoother with better throttle response.

The Neuto Dry Hydrogen Auto-Therapy is available at three authorized workshops: Harmony Motor at Ang Mo Kio, 1st Auto at Sembawang and 9 Degree at Bukit Batok. For more information, visit


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