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E-Power System

There are many ways to increase horsepower. The darker side of such ways would be the installation of forced induction and… you get the drift. The more common ways that most folks know of however, is by changing the air filter, increasing spark intensity and even by way of sprint boosters. While these are the legal ways of increasing power at a budget, they are also complex and do not deliver a significant increase in power.

Product Focus

HOCEN 3-in-1 Treatment System

Many a times we recognise the lack of engine refinement and response when we pile on the mileage on our daily driven, but are unsure of the root causes even when symptoms surface. This 3-in-1 formula designed by HOCEN addresses warnings that initiates wear and tear. Consisting of treatments for the engine, transmission and compressor, these three procedures are specially formulated to retain and prolong the lifespan of vital engine internals.