Going Topless

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The Singapore Convertible Club looks to make ‘coolness in the sun’ mainstream

Ever fancied a topless ride? No, please cling on to your shirts because I’m talking about convertibles!

The Singapore Convertible Club (SGCC) celebrates the aesthetics of cabriolets (yes, even in our heat) and its members are certainly a different breed in this tropical land. Since making their love for retractable vehicles public two months ago, co-founders Ben and K has welcomed 32 members to the group, ranging from drivers of BMW Z4s to Nissan Fairlady Zs. The only rule they have is simple, and it’s also the slogan of the group  – “Any make, just convertible”.

On its first official day as an association, SGCC gathered 15 of its members at Carros Centre for a photoshoot to display its colours, but that’s only one small step for the club, which has grander plans of charity drives and cross-border expeditions.


It certainly takes passion to embrace a car that stylistically exposes you to the punishing sun, but for SGCC, the silver lining is certainly its uncompromising attitude to aesthetics, and natural breeze.


Photo credits: thegeekphoto.com


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