Don’t Stop Me Now (Toyota CH-R)

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This very Toyota C-HR swept up the champion trophies in every category it participated in for the EMMA Singapore Championship 2018. With an audio system which was fully installed and tuned by Xtremez Audio, read on more to find out what makes this machine sing…

Simon, the owner of this ride loves music very much, as such, he demanded his daily machine to provide endless aural pleasure daily for him, one which can match his home-based equipment.

The setup was based on the budget of 3000 Euros according to EMMA database, starting from its Pioneer multimedia unit – providing a 7-inch touch screen with the latest connectivity and media playback capabilities.

The audio output is channeled to a Mosconi DSP6to8PRO signal processor which controls the sound portion with its eight-channel crossover management which controls each signal flow, time alignment, equalizer and more. With these high-end features, the skilled tuner is able to bring a perfect stage and tonal accuracy to the driver position.

The Micro Precision 5 series tweeter are installed on the A-pillars, while the midrange drivers are flush mounted on the dashboard. The midbass units slot nicely into the original OEM positions in the door panel. As a finishing touch, two layers of soundproofing material were added to the doors to ensure these German speakers are capable of performing to their full potential.

Mosconi’s AS100.4 and two AS200.2’s drive the whole system, these powerhouses are considered to have the best sound quality in the mobile entertainment business. Designed and made in Italy, these Mosconi amplifiers meld style with perfect sonic precision.

In the trunk, a custom subwoofer enclosure was made to fit into the side compartment with the Gladen RSX10Slim to handle the deep bass. Wiring the whole system together are the Micro Precision interconnect and speaker cables from Germany was used, providing a very clean and balanced overall sound quality.

The cutting-edge installation from Xtremez Audio allows Simon to enjoy his sound system with style, with fully balance sound with perfect staging. Opening the trunk, he is welcomed by a neat display of his audio equipment. Sound investment is a hot favourite for Singapore drivers, along with the de facto engine performance modifications. Putting the money in audio equipment can bring as much joy to the daily drive!

This car has clinched the title of three-time champion in EMMA Singapore, and also winning the EMMA Asia Finals 2018, cementing itself as unarguably the best sounding Euro 3000 budget car in Asia.


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