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Making a car sound better is a a big part in car modification, and there is no shortage of parts that will give your car an audio boost. It is not uncommon for car owners to spend over thousands of dollars to fit a custom air intake and exhaust system to increase the volume. 

However, intake and exhausts systems can’t change sound pitch and may be illegal. Engineers also spend plenty of research hours into creating an exhaust layout, applying noise insulation, and designing the body structure to alter the sound. 

An increasing trend in new cars today are sound generators, a crucial addition to any modern sporty car. VW has the Soundaktor, a digital sound actuator. Previously, it used resonant pipes to feed actual engine noise into the cabin. Renault’s system, which can allow the driver to choose the type of sound to be piped through the speakers. A similar audio solution is used in the latest BMW M5 as well.

Until recently, such systems were strictly factory-fitted options. Now, we have a fully-customizable solution for any car, including diesel, hybrid and electric cars. Cete Automotive’s Active Sound Unit adds a very realistic exhaust note to any car which runs on a Controller Area Network, CAN-BUS in short. 

There are two different options available. Firstly, an Active Sound Module Gateway BLE which works with cars fitted with original sound generators. The module can be controlled by existing car controls, with additional adjusts done with a smartphone app. It allows drivers to select different sound files, change the start-up sound, adjust the sound characteristics as well as control the volume. Other advanced features include speed adjustment and speed threshold, for smart volume control especially in slow city traffic. 

With 100 engine launch levels, 100 sound characteristic levels, 150 volume levels and 3 profile change mechanisms, there is no limit to how one can customize the sound output. 

The Complete Active Sound kit are for cars that do not come with original sound generators. The complete set includes a sound actuator encased in a steel housing, an external control device (ECU), special cable set, harness and and the Active Sound Gateway BLE.

The sound generator is a speaker made with a carbon membrane – it can be installed just about anywhere in the car as it is completely weatherproof. If it is installed in the interior such as the spare wheel well, some modifications will be necessary for the sound to be piped to the exterior. This system also allows the installation of an extra sound generator unit for extra sound generation. 

Keen on having your ride a sound boost? Visit Cete Automotive Singapore at Synergy@Kaki Bukit, #06-45 25 Kaki Bukit Rd 4 or call 8783 3008.

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