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Do you need a reason to think twice about choosing the right engine oil for your car? A tank of petrol will last you anywhere from 600-900km. Engine oil stays in your car for over ten times longer, which is why choosing an engine oil has become a mind-numbing shopping challenge filled with dozens of brands and offerings.

While some oils may boast better stability, or claim to add more horsepowers, we always go by the golden rule: A safe choice is one which features the official API Service Symbol “Donut”. This mark certifies that the engine oil meets API standards and other important performance parameters such as high-temperature viscosity and shear stability.

Ichiro Seiryu is produced by Ichiro Corporation Co. Japan and it’s available in the Asia Pacific Region. Using the latest in oil technology and premium base stocks, every Ichiro Seiryu engine oil carries an API certification for the highest category: SN, which demands high temperature deposit protection for pistons, stringent sludge control, and seal compatibility.

Matching the engine requirements, we went with ICR-1456 which is a 5W-30 grade. That was two months and 8,000 km ago. We’re happy to report that the “fresh oil feeling” of a smooth and responsive engine is still going strong, even with the recent blazing hot weather we’re experiencing.

Our oil pressure and temperature gauges saw Ichiro Seiryu performing well too, with 100 degrees celsius after cruising at 110 km/h after an hour, which falls to a respectful 90 in urban crawling, these numbers are good as our Lancer doesn’t have a dedicated oil cooler. The oil pressure checked out fine as well, even after a long eight-hour drive which can “thin” out lesser oils.

A safe choice is always a good choice, and it pays to have good engine oil flowing through your car. Singapore has one of the most punishing conditions for an engine – and regularly maintaining your car with quality oil is a long term investment in longevity!

Ichiro Seiryu is distributed by YHI Singapore. For more information, please visit them at www.yhiautomotive.com.sg check out their Facebook page at facebook.com/yhisingapore.


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