Sleeper Dignity (Honda Accord Euro S)

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We’re suckers for new cars, and one unhealthy habit of ours is scouring the various car forums and social media to find rare and unique examples. Guess our excitement when we saw this.. We’re suckers for new cars, and one unhealthy habit of ours is scouring the various car forums and social media to find rare and unique examples. Guess our excitement when we saw this..

The eighth generation JDM Accord seems to draw inspirations from European rivals, with styling and size boosts to help increase its on-road image. But with virtually every Accord in Singapore being an automatic, this perked our perverse interest because it comes with the manual option.

As far as we know, only a handful of manual Accords CU2’s made it to the Singapore car population. In comparison, there are heaps of Accord CL7’s… albeit in Euro R guise. The Honda Accord Euro S “CU2”, with its 2.4-litre displacement engine, almost makes 200hp in stock form, but a good 230Nm of torque through a six speed gearbox made it a swift tourer.

Given the rarity of the Euro S in Singapore, its appeal to drivers quickly narrowed down to those who appreciate its engineering marvel. Under the large body, is a Honda classic double wishbone suspension on all four wheels. This was where the modification journey began as well, with the owner opting to go for a sportier feel.

ST X coilovers delivered the sporty handling and a lower, more aggressive look to his ride. Why not the full-fat KW option? The fixed damping coilovers was built for real world road use, and the spring rates were more suitable to retain some ride quality. These coilovers also have plenty of travel to avoid the crashy suspension feel.

With more heft to stop, another undercarriage modification were the motorsport-grade brakes for the front. The 4 piston caliper brake system directly bolted onto the existing brake mounts and came with TUV-certified matching brackets. The stock wheels had to be upsized, perfect opportunity for some lightweight Japanese goodness in the form of SSR wheels to clear the 330mm rotors.  With a large displacement of torque on tap and a relatively tall 6th gear, the only modification to make this a faster car was a 5.1 Final drive gear swap to transmit more torques. In Singapore’s stop-go traffic, this tiny modification was similar to what Honda did to the FN model, in order to help it keep up with the lighter EP model. An limited slip differential was fitted as well to keep the power more controllable at launch instead of dealing with torque steer of an open differential.

Launch? Yes, sometimes, you just can’t shed your performance roots. Starting with the biggest K engine, the focus turned to making the car look fast. But, there would be the biggest hurdle. With the Accord CU2 appealing to most bosses, there was a distinct lack of modification parts in this region.
However, the homeland of the Accord did yield some respite. Giving a fresh new look to his CU2, was a facelifted bumper which costs more to ship over than how much it actually costs. Enraged by the disparity in the shipping costs, and the lack of performance oriented aero components, the search took his global, to as far as the USA where this car is sold as the Acura TSX.

The real “blinn” factor here, came from Russia, where this car has its own active fan club. It was here, where he finally managed to find the right bonnet that had the aggressive look which he desired. And this time, he didn’t mind having that shipping bill, perfectly understandable! With a new candy red exterior finish, a full leather rewrap of the interior with racy red accents and a black roof accent, he couldn’t be any happier about how his ultra rare project had turned out. While it may be “complete”, he does have plans to take it a bit further. We’ll keep an eye out for this…

Honda Accord Euro S

Custom 5.1 Final Drive
Fuji exhaust

AP Racing 9440 brake kit
ST-X suspension by KW
SSR Type C 17″ wheels
Goodyear F1 Asymmetric 3

DLS front component speakers
DLS rear coaxial system
Active woofer
Pioneer Multimedia Receiver
Full leather rewrap

Face lifted bumper
MV Tuning racing bonnet
Candy red exterior
Roof black wrap


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