Future Speaker-less Solution

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German automotive parts supplier, Continental, has developed a new speaker-less audio system for cars it calls Ac2ated Sound. Continental says the new system will reduce the amount of weight traditionally taken up by car speakers by up to 90 per cent, using surface vibrations to deliver sound, much like a violin. Continental’s system replaces speakers with actuators, which are tiny transducers similar to the core of a traditional speaker. The actuators are attached behind panels in the car, and create micro-vibrations that are then carried by surfaces. Traditional high-end car audio systems can utilise tens of speakers that add a hefty amount of weight and take up interior space. Continental says its system not only lightens the load by up to 30 pounds, it frees up significant interior space, and draws less power, making it ideal for electric car options.

Information adapted from www.theverge.com


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