Bridgestone Ecopia EP300

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The Japanese tyre firm claims the new model is a ‘next-generation eco-tyre that offers low rolling-resistance and superior wet grip performance’ and is able to achieve fuel savings of up to two-litres per tankful of petrol based on a TUV Rheinland Chassis Dynamometer Test.

The same test setup but using the old EP200 as comparison, shows a fuel consumption improvement of approximately 11.2km more per tank of fuel. All of that doesn’t sound like much, but as it always is with fuel efficiency, small improvements add up in the long run.

Being shown the capabilities of the Ecopia tyres way back in 2011 with the EP100A, our own set of EP200s performed admirably. It delivered solid performance in all key areas, good on fuel economy and is easy on the wallet. However, after two years on the road, we began to notice the weakness of EP200’s. We began to notice that the older tyre’s water dispersing capabilities began to diminish as we approached the 50% wear mark.

Bridgestone has overcome these with the EP300. The new tread pattern includes deeper lugs or main grooves, which indicates that it will have a longer tyre life, rounded rib edges for better overall stiffness and feedback. The side groove are redesigned for better braking and turning. The company’s NanoPro Tech, which allow a greater level of cohesion in the compounds of the tyre and a higher level of silica, has been tweaked for better wet grip as well.

Having the wider 4-groove design, we found that the new tyre squirmed less in the wet under heavy braking, and it was more assuring in semi-quick corners. The tyres were very well behaved on the highways, with good noise characteristics and comfort levels

We noticed a subtle change in the tyre’s profile. The EP300 has a new crown shape which is said to improve the tyre’s handling characteristics and reduced the inside wall wear rate. Bridgestone offers the new tyre in 3- and 4-groove designs, depending on the width. We also noted that the newer tyres have a more pronounced turn in characteristic than the outgoing model as well.

Helping us test the 3-groove design EP300 in Thailand, Vince Carlo had similar remarks. The EP300 performed very well in both dry and wet, and the performance was steadfast in his drive up the many mountainous road from Bangkok to Pai – in north of Thailand.

Fuel economy is the all the rage at the moment, and eco tyres are only getting better with each generation. We are certain that Bridgestone has cracked a wonderful eco-friendly tyre, now that it should last longer than the predecessor and has a more reassuring performance in the wet. Until the next generation comes, this tyre will be hard to beat.

Bridgestone’s Ecopia EP300 is now available for sale at all official Bridgestone retailers and dealers. For more information, please visit the Bridgestone Tyre Singapore website at


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