Yokohama Advan Sport V105

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Yokohama’s flagship tyre, the Yokohama Advan Sport V105 high performance tyre is all about delivering a perfect balance of sporty handling and comfort levels. The Advan Sport V105, which has been adopted as original equipment on many high-performance cars. These tyres have trickle-down technology from motorsports in its development, as evident in the matrix body ply structure. It provides grip in both dry and wet conditions with a hydroplaning-resistant asymmetrical design and a new microsilica+silica dispersed material compound.

Three very thick grooves and a thinner groove make up the special asymmetrical, non-directional tread pattern. The block area on the outboard side is wider to enhance cornering performance while the groove area is increased on the inboard side to maximise water channelling. Grip performance aside, these tyres are touted to be one of the quietest you can find today. Thin slits positioned on the inboard of the ribs suppress road noise, while the “Asymmetric Pitch Variation Optimized” on the inner and outer side of the tyre are said to deliver both quietness without mudding up the handling.

The last motorsports connection is in the rubber compound itself. With Orange Oil in the blend,Yokohama claims that the rubber is more pliable, which improves tyre adhesion to the road. We put the Advan to the test on a BMW 525i , with upsized 19-inch staggered wheels in 9.5 inch and 10 inch widths. The V105S tyres mounted are in 255/35R19 size.

Right from the get-go, the steering precision was excellent as we threw the big Bimmer around a few corners to scrub it in. While the ride got a bit more jolt-y than the previous sport tyres, we liked how much more these tyres communicate with the driver, especially in the era of electrically assisted steering which robs a fair bit of road feel already!

Dry performance was just as impressive as it was in the wet. At our national speed limit, there was rarely an occasion where we felt the tyre “float” – which we were expecting from running a tyre wider than OEM. Braking was surefooted in the dry, but it was still relatively surefooted in the wet, with a tiny bit of rear squirming as the big sedan’s weight shifted to the narrower front wheels.

But above all, these tyres are incredibly quiet, despite the tiny stretch at the back, road noise was still tolerable – you know it’s there, but it isn’t loud enough to annoy you much. It is easily overcome by turning the music up.

We conclude that the Advan V105 Sport’s strength are in the high grip levels, while delivering an engaging driving experience with consideration for quietness. It is available from 205/50 R17 to a massive 295/30R20. For more information and specific tyre sizes, visit YHI Singapore’s website at


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