Pioneer’s New Jam

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Pioneer Electronics Asia Centre, celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, has announced four new multimedia receivers in Singapore . Leading the 2017 line-up are the 1-DIN AVH-Z7050BT and 2-DIN AVH-Z5050BT, followed by the AVH-Z2050BT, and AVH-Z1050DVD. In continuing with Pioneer’s focus on enhancing user experience, the entire range offers even greater smartphone connectivity, convenient one-cable connection, and an audio-visual performance, with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and other entertainment features accessible to every driver.


Singapore is the first market outside japan to be receiving the new products, designed for customers who want smartphone connectivity inside and outside the car.

All Bluetooth-ready Z-Series multimedia receivers can simultaneously connect up to five Bluetooth devices for family entertainment. Additionally, users can browse their media library with upgraded Bluetooth AVRCP 1.6 capability. Above all, the entire range allows drivers to enjoy a premium selection of mobile applications (apps), simply by connecting their smartphone to the head unit.


An example is Waze, the world’s largest community-based traffic and navigation app. Viewing maps and directions is noticeably easier with the head units’ larger touchscreen. Waze can be launched from AppRadio Mode+. Users can also play videos stored in a smartphone, as well as stream online videos via the AppRadio LIVE app. All these apps are accessible from the new AppRadio Mode+, Pioneer’s proprietary entertainment platform, developed to unlock the wonderful world of mobile apps. Refer to for more information.


Drivers can now enjoy a more seamless user experience. Connecting a smartphone to any one of the 2017 multimedia receivers is now a plug-and-play affair, as the head unit can automatically detect and retrieve the available content from the phone.


Operating the new multimedia receivers is now easier and more enjoyable, thanks to a new customisable graphical user interface. Key enhancements include easy device switching to let users switch their connected smartphones with ease, icon display customisation to deliver a more flexible and personalised screen layout, and colour and design customisation with 112 backlight illumination colours and seven attractive background themes.

The plug-and-play convenience extends to video playback, thanks to new full-HD (1080p) support for popular video file formats like MKV, as well as additional support for NTFS format, giving users the flexibility to play clips that are larger than 4GB direct from portable hard disks. With a new and improved 24-bit true colour LCD screen, these receivers can reproduce up to 16,777,216 hues, or around 256 times better colour fidelity than most regular displays, providing richer and true-to-life visuals.

To elevate the overall sound quality of these receivers, Pioneer has made refinements ‘under the hood’ with technologies and expertise from its TAD professional audio division. This includes a newly developed circuit board, which eliminates external interference to enhance audio signal integrity. Performance is further improved by leveraging premium audiophile-grade components for maximum listening pleasure.

The RRP Prices for the new receivers are: AVH-Z1050DVD (S$649), AVH-Z2050BT (S$699), AVH-Z5050BT (S$999) and AVH-Z7050BT (S$1,099).

The new Pioneer Z-Series multimedia receivers will be available in Singapore soon. More details are available at


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