Executive Power (Honda Accord Euro-R CL7)

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The 7th generation Honda Accord, codenamed CL7, was well-received by the masses largely due to its sleek design that ooffered an executive, yet rugged look. Subsequently, the Euro R variant (CL7R) was introduced in the mid-2000s. It was the Japanese automaker’s answer to calls for a performance-orientated model in the Accord faction. Fettled with the same K20A engine found in the Civic Type R (FD2R), the CL7R churns out 220bhp and 206Nm, appealing not only to petrolheads, but also the everyday discerning consumer looking for more driving engagement than what the base-spec Accord offered.


Jeff , the owner of this particular Euro R, opted for it exactly because of the above mentioned attributes. It supplies an executive look, yet muscular exterior with sufficient ‘oomph’ to satisfy the enthusiast within. Jeff bought his ride fresh off the shelves in 2007, and has been extremely pleased with his choice of vehicle over the last 7+ years of usage. Before settling on the CL7R, Jeff contemplated on opting for the FD2R which, in his opinion, offers a slightly more aggressive demeanour in comparison. However, he eventually settled on the Euro R as his peers around him and even younger brother were driving just that! (birds of the same feather flock together without doubt!)


Wasting no time, Jeff had the LTA-approved dual-tip HKS cat-back exhaust system and BC V1 coilovers in place before his ride was even delivered to him. The HKS exhaust system unleashes audible vocal snarls the K20A motor is capable of producing while also providing performance gains in the higher reaches of the rev range. On the other hand, BC V1 coilovers keeps the CL7R firmly planted to the tarmac even while navigating through the sharpest of bends.


In the early days with his Euro R, Jeff was unsure of which modifications were best suited for his ride. This proved to be an expensive learning affair, with considerable dough splashed on ‘wrong’ modifications. With a little luck on his side, Jeff rubbed shoulders with fellow CL7R drivers, who were more than willing to guide him along the path of souping up their daily pride and joy.


A bevy of modifications ensued. A Blitz C1 air filter and an over-sized Whitesnail air intake ram took the place of the stock air box. A RRC intake manifold is also utilised to further enhance breathing capabilities of the CL7R, ensuring that su cient air is drawn into the engine. The engine in Jeff’s Euro R underwent extensive performance upgrades as well, with individual components replaced with higher performance aftermarket parts. Eagle conrods were chosen to soak up the extensive power and inertia loads it had to undertake, courtesy of Supertech 87mm pistons, constructed specifically for K-series engines. These are complemented with Brian Crower Stage 3 high cams, installed to generate even more power on wide open throttle.

A J’s racing extractor found a home in Jeff’s CL7R, duly executing its duties in helping to dispense exhaust gases out to the cylinders, contributing to performance gains and improved fuel efficiency. With power enhancing modi cations set in place for the high-revving NA motor, Jeff chose to utilise Honda’s RDX 410cc injectors to ascertain that sufficient fuel was being channelled to the engine under various driving situations.

Greater power naturally equates to higher possibilities of greater speeds, which essentially calls for improvement in stopping power. Jeff puts his faith in
Rotara’s 4-pot big brake kit to ensure that mid-corners are tackled with more precision. The BBK is fenced by a set of 17” Advan RS rims wrapped around with premium Bridgestone Potenza RE-11 rubbers, giving the Euro R a sufficient stance and fitted persona.


In the main cockpit, a Juran steering wheel is installed, giving the maximum JDM effect and drive. DEFI gauges supply essential readouts for oil temperature, oil press and water temperature – vital stats that will be useful when driving under the sweltering heat for extended periods. A K-Tuned quick shifter shortens the distance between the driver’s hand and the gear stick, offering timely shifting of gears for more driving feel behind the wheel. Recaro bucket seats reduce body movement in Jeff’s CL7R while also keeping him snug and comfortable as he attacks every straight and corner.

With just under 3 years remaining before the COE of Jeff’s Euro R expires, this petrol head is not looking to let anything get in his way; he is highly considering renewing the COE for a further 5 to 10 years along with a fresh paint job for his beloved daily hauler. His relentless pursuit of passion and dedication leaves us in utmost admiration!

Honda Accord Euro-R CL7

RRC intake manifold, Whitesnail air intake ram, Blitz C1 air  lter, Brian Crower Stage 3 high cams, BC valve spring, TODA tensioner, SUPERTECH 87 mm piston, EAGLE con-rod, Honda RDX 410cc injector, APR stud, Cusco strut bar, J’S Racing extractor, , Ogura super single clutch, HKS twin pipe cat back exhaust

ADVAN RS 17” rims, Bridgestone Potenza RE-11 235/45/17, Rotora 4-pot big brake kit, E Spec rear 310mm rotor disc, BC V1 coilover, TYPE R 5.1  final drive, SKUNK 2 front upper arm, lower arm rear

Customised carbon fibre bonnet, carbon fibre bonnet lock, customised side fender with vent, HKS window visor, TSX rear spoiler, universal lower rear diffuser

JURAN steeling wheel, NRG slim boss kit, NRG quick release, DEFI gauge set, DEFI Link VSD Concept HUD with control unit, GARMIN NUVI 42 LM, OKOTRONICS head unit, Hertz 165 2-way component speaker, 4-Channel Lazar power ampli er, K Tune quick shifter, FINEVU PRO front cam, GS8000 L rear cam, CRIMESTOPPER SP402 alarm, FEEL’S driver side lower railing, Recaro bucket seats


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