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Our group started of with only 6 cars. Over close to a month, we finally decided to come up with a group name and called ourselves #1030Crew. The reason why we came up with this name was because its the most convenient time all of us able to meet up, which is at Roland Restaurant.

Justin, who is one of our head captain, is the son of Roland, who runs a seafood restaurant family business along Marine Parade. So each time we will always decide on meeting up to gather at Roland Restaurant, 10:30pm because that is the time Justin ends work and its the most convenient time for everyone else.

Handling the team well together with him, is also our captain, Shannon, whos childhood friend of Justin’s, since 2005. Shannon is a very nice, understanding fair guy who has done alot for the crew. He managed to gather more friends to join us ever since.

Our group #1030Crew is only 8 months old. Despite that, we have grown so much. From 6 cars 8 members, to approximately 37 cars, 50 over members in our #1030Crew family. Along the way, with the help and guidance from our brother who is in charge of the administrative matters, Darwin who has contributed a lot for the love of our family. He handles all the admin related matters. From events/outings to attendance, group t-shirt, and other miscellaneous matters.

Assisting him will be WeiLong. He’s our great planner for outing and meet-up routes. He has contributed a lot to the family as well. Our family is much different compared to any other clubs or groups out there. We are people from everywhere who comes from different backgrounds. Ironically we are linked and related somehow, from one way to another. We treat one another with mutual respect. We care, love, and look out for each other. We live up well to our motto :

“Its not about the cars,
Its the people that matters”



Our family consists of different types of cars range from Conti to Japanese cars: Bmw F10, Bmw 320i, Bmw 335i, Bmw 520i, Audi S5, Lexus Is250, Mercedes A200, Kia Cerato V1, Chrvrolet Aveo, Suzuki Swift, Suzuki Swift Sports, Hyundai Getz, Honda Fit, Honda Stream, Honda Civic, Honda Accord Euro R, Nissan Fairlady 370z, Nissan Skyline GTR35, Mitsubishi Lancer, Toyota Vios, Ducati Monster.

Our family has never been to any compy or races as a family. However, we do have one Honda Civic who went for a drag race at pasir gudang and came in 1st for his category. Zhiwei. In another words, we are not a competitive car group. We just a simple Happy Family who enjoys the company and love for one another!

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