+6Five Crew

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Just about any car you might own, has a car club just waiting for you to join. What ever your interests are regarding car club activities, there will always be a feeling of camaraderie with other members that motivates you turn up once a month for a meeting.

Our experience with many car clubs is that they are a great place to meet interesting people that don’t just do “car talk”. Today, we take a look at Singapore’s newest club! If you’re wondering, the name “+6Five” came from Singapore’s telephone country code: +65.

+6Five Crew was started with a mission to bring car enthusiasts on the island together regardless of the style or which side of the performance and styling spectrum. With a mission to have a wide range of styles under one common umbrella where experiences, knowledge and cultures can be shared and accepted with an open mind.

The name +6Five signifies the origin is from Singapore and everyone within the club runs as a crew to move this gigantic automotive machine forward.

+6Five Crew would not have been possible if not for their dedicated founding team and the crews that contributed and roll together with us. It is the contribution of every member that makes +6Five Crew meaningful.

Everyone is welcome to be a part of the crew and they will look forward to meeting new members during the monthly meet up. Check them out at “Plus6Five Crew” on Facebook!

+6Five Crew



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